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The Mourner's Cradle

The Mourner’s Cradle: A Widow’s Journey.

Crystal Lake Publishing, 2018. Winner of the Imadjinn Award for Best Horror Novel.

"A strong heroine is always to be desired, and in THE MOURNER'S CRADLE author Tommy B. Smith offers us one of the strongest. Newly widowed Anne Sharpe, wife of an unfortunately discredited historical/archaeological researcher, is nearly indefatigable. Not a superman (in the Nietzschean meaning), but an individual who withstands far more than most in contemporary pampered culture could tolerate. I think she's become one of my idols. Like the Timex watch of the 1950's, she "takes a licking and keeps on ticking." And as long as she keeps her purpose in mind, she's unstoppable.

From the US to the Peruvian Andes, on the trail of what might be one of the most startling and powerful archaeological discoveries of our time, Anne Sharpe, heroine extraordinaire, keeps her purpose in her mind and perseveres, despite the odds arrayed against her. Anne Sharpe rocks." -Into the Abyss

“Anne Sharpe is one of my favorite leads in a novel, hands down. That’s saying something, considering how many books I’ve read. She is smart, independent and, for lack of a better word, a total badass.” -Jennifer Bonges,

“There was an intense feeling that lingers throughout the story. It gives a sense of despicable behavior of the human condition, while also sharing grief and even a bit of insanity. This story was well-written, and the pace of the story was part of great flow from beginning to end. Yes, it's a horror story, but there are no outright evil monsters, which makes it all the more terrifying. A great story.” -Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews


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