Anybody Want to Play WAR?

2019, Seventh StarShadow

The Mourner's Cradle

2018, Crystal Lake Publishing

Pieces of Chaos

(Short story collection)

2013, Rainstorm Press

2nd Edition: Black Diamond


2012, Rainstorm Press

2nd Edition: Black Diamond

Short Fiction

The Darkness That Swallows Time

2018, Crystal Lake Shorts

Chemical Oasis

2016, Tales From the Lake Volume 3

Stealing Sight

2015, State of Horror: Louisiana Volume 1

Circles in the Dark

2013, Spirits of St. Louis

On the Rainy Highway

2013, Through the Eyes of a Storm

Walls Between Worlds

2012, Wash the Spider Out


2012, I'll Never Go Away

The Long Hall

2011, MicroHorror

The Tax Collector

2011, 13: Tales of Dark Fiction

Orchard Girls

2011, Darker #4

Sea of a Thousand Voices

2011, Night to Dawn #20

Blue Lights

2010, MicroHorror

Red Lights

2010, MicroHorror

Agony of Being

2010, Caught by Darkness

Kingdom Come

2010, By Mind or Metal

Patient #37

2010, Darker #1

Mr. Philpot

2010, Every Day Fiction

Electric Presence

2010, Abandoned Towers online edition

Bottled Rituals

2009, Heavy Metal Horror

What They Fear

2009, MicroHorror

Eternity's Prelude

2009, Abandoned Towers #3

Blackened Tears

2009, Tower of Light summer issue

Epitaph for Sol

2009, Morpheus Tales #4

A Game of Circumstance

2009, Every Day Fiction

The Eric Jones Show

2008, Every Day Fiction

The Darkest of Waters

2008, Morpheus Tales #1

Bone Water

2008, Blood Moon Rising #34


2008, FlashShot

The Skies Have Opened

2007, Black Petals #41

The Edge of the Sky

2007, Every Day Fiction

Living Poison

2007, 7th Dimension #1


2007, Black Petals #40

In the Eyes of the Storm

2007, FlashShot

Chronicle of the Golden Pyramid

2007, Horror Carousel #5

The Capellan Dream

2007, Black Petals #38