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Oblivion's Child
(Black Carmenia, Book 2)
2023, Raven Tale Publishing

New Era
(Black Carmenia, Book 1)
2022, Raven Tale Publishing

Anybody Want to Play WAR?

2019, Seventh StarShadow

The Mourner's Cradle
2018, Crystal Lake Publishing

Pieces of Chaos
(Short story collection)
2013, Rainstorm Press
2nd Edition: Black Diamond

2012, Rainstorm Press
2nd Edition: Black Diamond

Short Fiction

The Darkness That Swallows Time

2018, Crystal Lake Shorts

Chemical Oasis

2016, Tales From the Lake Volume 3

Stealing Sight

2015, State of Horror: Louisiana Volume 1

Circles in the Dark

2013, Spirits of St. Louis

On the Rainy Highway

2013, Through the Eyes of a Storm

Walls Between Worlds

2012, Wash the Spider Out


2012, I'll Never Go Away

The Long Hall

2011, MicroHorror

The Tax Collector

2011, 13: Tales of Dark Fiction

Orchard Girls

2011, Darker #4

Sea of a Thousand Voices

2011, Night to Dawn #20

Blue Lights

2010, MicroHorror

Red Lights

2010, MicroHorror

Agony of Being

2010, Caught by Darkness

Kingdom Come

2010, By Mind or Metal

Patient #37

2010, Darker #1

Mr. Philpot

2010, Every Day Fiction

Electric Presence

2010, Abandoned Towers online edition

Bottled Rituals

2009, Heavy Metal Horror

What They Fear

2009, MicroHorror

Eternity's Prelude

2009, Abandoned Towers #3

Blackened Tears

2009, Tower of Light summer issue

Epitaph for Sol

2009, Morpheus Tales #4

A Game of Circumstance

2009, Every Day Fiction

The Eric Jones Show

2008, Every Day Fiction

The Darkest of Waters

2008, Morpheus Tales #1

Bone Water

2008, Blood Moon Rising #34


2008, FlashShot

The Skies Have Opened

2007, Black Petals #41

The Edge of the Sky

2007, Every Day Fiction

Living Poison

2007, 7th Dimension #1


2007, Black Petals #40

In the Eyes of the Storm

2007, FlashShot

Chronicle of the Golden Pyramid

2007, Horror Carousel #5

The Capellan Dream

2007, Black Petals #38

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