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Tommy B. Smith is a writer of horror and dark fiction, author of The Mourner's Cradle, Poisonous, and Anybody Want to Play WAR? as well as the short story collection Pieces of Chaos. A two-time Imadjinn Award-winning author and 2023 Michael Knost Wings Award nominee, his work has been featured in numerous magazines and anthologies to span the years.

He has previously worked with Morpheus Tales as editor of the Dark Sorcery and Urban Horror special issues of the magazine.

Road Between Worlds: A Horror Author's Chronicle is a documentary of the creative journey, that of the author and others including writers, artists, and filmmakers of varying backgrounds and persuasions. It begins in a cemetery and spans the book tour of 2018 across eleven cities.

In 2019, The Mourner’s Cradle received the Imadjinn Award for best horror novel, and in 2020, Anybody Want to Play WAR? for best literary fiction novel.

He currently resides in Fort Smith, Arkansas with his wife and six cats.

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